selling journal.

No trades right now!
I'm saving up for a trip, and I leave three weeks from today, on June 5th. As of right now I have basically NO spending money and well.. We can't have that, can we?! I will haggle and make deals, just offer fairly, please!

-Shipping prices will be combined, and are determined by the weight of all purchases.
-I will ONLY ship overseas or out of country if the purchase is over $15.00. I am in the US. This is because in between school and work, I have to find time to wait in the post office line and it's much more of a hassle than printing out postage through Paypal.
-Delivery confirmation is included with the shipping.
-I take Paypal, and also cash/money orders by snail mail.

Please fill this out and leave it under the thread with the items that you would like to buy!

Items interested in:
Type of payment, if Paypal, leave address to be invoiced:

-Additional pictures are listed as numbers under the first picture. If you need any other information, including measurements, just ask!